Foodies for Dean
Monday, February 23, 2004
Report from Menton, France---

We are hosted here by Tourisme de Menton, in the lemon town on the Cote d'Azur, in rain and clouds---amazing parade yesterday, part of the Lemon Festival--scantily clad dames from Brazil, floats covered in citrus from Spain, oops, and ample bosomed babes from Latvia, and a fantastic band of people of all ages from a town in France--middle aged dames on trumpets, kids on drums, absolutely wild and lively, playing Abba, and Rolling Stones, etc but with a southern , samba kind of feel. Tomorrow we are guests in Nice, viewing parade, fireworks etc of their huge Carnival, and eating ourselves into oblivion--they make a chickpea pancake there, seasoned with pepper, called socca, and the local famous vendeuse is an exotic darkhaired woman with so much eye makeup she can hardly see.
By the by, every other French woman dyes her hair, and almost every dyed hair woman is using a wild color between maroon and rust. Truly remarkable. Au naturel is waaay out, except for a few blondes.

Today we meet a famous retired Formula One driver who now supplies Menton lemons to all the posh restaurants of France.
Saturday, February 21, 2004

We foodies have been deep in the mountainous heart of Provence researching a book on food history and traditions, and we did not hear for two days the news about our campaign.

We shall continue to do some version of Foodies for Dean...perhaps Foodies for Democracy?

First we eat and talk about food each day here in France, but ,of course, it being France, the conversation moves easily to politics, and we explain to all, Deaniacism and the fall of Buuush, as they put it.

We are drinking, eating well and doing good work...we wish the same to you, mes amis-Dean.

We will keep in touch, we are off to taste some figs, see about an historic olive mill, lunch on the coast, baby octopus in parsley, garlic and oil etc.

We are touring all the nation for the next six weeks, our hearts are broken....but we are pleasureably distracted, as you can imagine.
Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Anyone know the origin of these foam cheese wedge headgear?

Check out the cheesy merchandise. I like the cheesehead top hat. They've branched out to include ice cream cone and corncob hats. Only in Wisconsin?

Go Dean.
Thursday, February 05, 2004
MOST FAVORED MEETUP LOCATION IN ALBUQUERQUE---Yes, it's Cafe Milagro, on the west side, at Coors and Alameda. Last night we gathered to lick our wounds and celebrate democracy among friends. Some of us also licked blueberry muffins, biscotti, and lapped up a perfect macchiato coffee.
We plan to go on, come what may, discussing issues, sharing experiences, and working for candidates we believe in.
Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Still seeking to recognize the best places for politicians and diners to converge in all 50 states. We hope to acknowledge the owners of such important grassroots meeting places.

As an example---Manchester, NH's Political Diners: Come Primary time; you never know which national political leader or journalist you may be sitting next to at any of Manchester’s political diners. They are great places to meet and view the folks who would be our next president. The top viewing spots are:

Red Arrow Diner, The Merrimack, and Chez Vachon.

Please email us with your nominations and testimonials.
Monday, February 02, 2004

Last night vols from CA, AZ and Texas gathered with hard core Albuquerque Deaniacs at the Bandido Inn for chat, Tecates, and decent eats. Oh--and a look at the Super Bowl. (The red sauce in particular was superb, the Margaritas, poor, and rejected. )
The extraordinary dedication of Dean people continues to unite us all. One Texas canvasser said she had found an undecided voter who had seen the Gov on Meet the Press that morning and, bingo, he was voting for Dean after waffling for weeks.
Tomorrow many of us hunker down as poll watchers, drivers, and phone bankers.

Vote early, vote often, but vote for Dean. NM polls open from 12 noon until 7 pm, Tues.

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